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Malaga Airport has become the choice of travelers visiting Spain because of the white sandy beaches of Malaga, lovely weather and easy approach to Costa del Sol. Apart from that, there are various other attractions in the city which you can explore after visiting the city. Malaga airport is located eight kilometers to the Southwest of Malaga city. Costa del Sol is a lovely holiday destination and people from all over the world come to the city through Malaga airport. After your arrival at the airport, you can contact tourist information office for any assistance. The public transportation service is accessible from the airport. The buses and taxis can take you to the centre of the city.


Buses are cheap but they are usually crowded while the taxis are comfortable but they are very expensive. The best thing, which you can find on Malaga airport, is the Car Hire service. In a car hire Malaga airport you can travel to the beautiful landscape and attractions of the city more easily and comfortably. The spectacular landscape of the city looks more North African than European and a car hire makes you visit the amazing beauties of the city more contentedly. You should also visit the trading point for the Phoenicians in Malaga , which is a beautiful location on the Southern coast of Spain . You can directly travel from Malaga airport to this port and for further traveling to Melilla in Morocco ; you can travel by a ferry. You are obliged to think about the fun, which you will get during your trip to Malaga .


Malaga airport is linked to the well-developed roads, which makes Malaga a superb destination in Spain . Getting a car hire in Malaga is very easy and you only need a few documents such as your driving license. The driving rules followed in the city are similar to the driving rules in the UK and European countries. Cars of all models and sizes are available from car hire services on Malaga airport. If you are planning to visit Costa del Sol, then you must know that Malaga airport is by far the most suitable airport for you. Your fun and entertainment will increase if you will opt for a car hire Malaga airport. The rates of car hire Malaga airport are very reasonable and affordable. In addition, you may select a car according to your budget and affordability.


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