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Murcia San Javier Airport is situated to the North West of La Manga and it serves thousands of travelers very year. It takes about 40 minutes to travel from Alicante to Murcia in a Car Hire. The distance from North West of La Manga to Murcia Airport is about 20 minutes. The passengers who always give preference to their level of comfort and convenience go for a car hire Murcia Airport. The airport of the city is providing all kinds of facilities and with the increasing tourism in the city, it has been noticed that volume of commuters using this airport is increasing. Between 2006 and 2007, around 22 percent increase in the number of passengers on the airport was reported. Although Murcia airport has take all important measures to manage such a huge influx of traffic however, the question of conveyance from airport to the centre of the city has always appeared as an issue for the passengers. Public transportation services are available outside the airport such as buses, taxis etc.


It is interesting to note that last year the number of passengers travelling to Murcia airport increased by two million, which created the need of the permanent expansion of the airport. The plan is expected to complete in 2010 and it will make Murcia airport the most preferable airport for the passengers travelling to La Manga. Just after your arrival at Murcia airport, you may get a car hire Murcia airport to travel from airport to the centre of the city. Buses and taxis are also available at the airport however, for exploring the beautiful Spanish towns, villages and Murcia you should go for Murcia airport. The Murcia airport is usually crowded because a number of low cost airlines such as Ryan Air, Easy Jet, Monarch and Jet2 are flying to Murcia airport. Although with such a huge influx of passengers, Murcia airport has been excellently facilitating the passengers. A number of larger car companies have established their offices at Murcia airport. For the convenience of the travelers, the car collect point has been established within a short walk from the terminal of the airport. The location of Murcia airport makes it the perfect choice for the travelers. Car hire Murcia airport is a sensible option for the travelers because the city has excellent transport links and well developed road infrastructure. In short, considering the trip to Murcia by car hire is a worthwhile option.
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